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About us

Tubal C was founded in 2000 in a small factory space in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. Originally set up as a general steel engineering business, the team soon identified the need in the local market for an off-the-wall mounted display solution that was fully adjustable and flexible, but which was also able to be fitted to dry-wall. The result was the first ever iteration of what we now know as the Tubal C Modular Display System. The system has been revised a number of times ever since then and in 2011 the current system, utilizing plastic componentry, was introduced. Additionally, we have diversified from offering only the Tubal C display system, to now also offering the Slimblock system as well as a greatly expanded general steel engineering facility with all the latest equipment in our modern factory facility.

Shopfitting by Tubal C

The Tubal C system is a versatile, all-purpose modular retail display solution designed to accommodate all of your display needs beautifully and cost-effectively. We are a shopfitting supplier located in Cape Town, South Africa. Contact us today to find out how you can create a unique and enjoyable retail experience for your customers!