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About The System

Shopfitting Made Easy

The Tubal C Display System is a highly customizable modular steel display system that is available in both traditional perimeter-mounting and freestanding variants.

How does it work?

The system consists of a series of upright steel Posts spaced to create 1.2m or 0.6m ‘Bays’. Each Tubal C Post includes a row of our famous wedge-shaped cutouts on both sides, into which a variety of standard display components easily and quickly clip in and out via a matching plastic wedge-shaped linkage.

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The perfect solution for any retail need

The Tubal C system is designed to be easily and quickly adaptable to suit any retail need. Whether you’re a high-end fashion retailer, a sports shop, or a pet store, and whether you’re a small independent retailer or a large corporate chain, the Tubal C system can adapt to your needs. While the Posts are always required, everything else in the Bays is entirely up to you, so if you need shelving, or if you prefer hanging space, or a bit of both, those decisions are completely in your hands. Design a store that suits your needs and that suits your budget!


The famous Tubal C Wedge

At the heart of the Tubal C System is our unique plastic wedge that connects your display components to the Posts. The wedge ensures a hassle-free, tool-free user experience and a smooth, tight fit to the Post. Our ground-breaking use of plastic components extends to proprietary plastic interfaces between all of our steel components. This ensures a reliable, snug fit every time without any play in any of the connections whilst also contributing to the system’s unique high-end look and feel. It truly is unlike anything else in the market worldwide.


Class-leading plastic interfaces

Our plastic interfaces are made from a proprietary glass-reinforced nylon that is designed to get stronger as it takes the load – not weaker. They are scientifically engineered to prevent failure. Each plastic connection is paired with a pair of high-tensile stainless steel screws imported from Germany to ensure the highest quality and strength. With all of these measures in places, we guarantee that the system will not fail under normal loading conditions!


Advanced engineering

The entire Tubal C system, including the Posts and the steel display components, are manufactured using the latest fully-automated engineering processes to remove any room for human error and ensuring that every component and every connection is completely identical to one another. All Tubal C system components are lasercut and bent, and the system is virtually free of welding, further adding to a look and feel that is truly world class.


Additional benefits of the Tubal C Perimeter Display System

with only 4 bolts required to install each Post (2 in the floor, 2 in the wall), the system has been designed to be quick and straightforward to install. Quicker installations mean less time on site, lower labour costs and more time for you to focus on doing what you do best: Retail! Our professional Installation Instructions video on Youtube is always available to guide you step-by-step through the installation process.
Moving location? No problem. Simply unbolt your Tubal C system and take it with you to your new shop! And when you get there, expand your system quickly and easily with add-on parts.
Need to introduce a new product range? Want the ability to quickly and easily adapt your displays to changing product needs and through changing seasons? No problem! Simply unclip any existing fittings and clip in the new fittings. Change your shop layout hassle free and tool-free, within moments! Even the most inexperienced users find working with the Tubal C Display system effortless and simple.
Opening a store on a low budget? We’ve got your back. Purchase only the bare minimum components to get your store up and running and then when you’re ready, you’re welcome back to us at any time to order those additional parts or those luxury components you wanted but couldn’t afford at the start.
Between our official resellers and our online store, the Tubal C Display system is available to you no matter where you live, and will be delivered directly to your door.

More about the system

All of our products are locally manufactured at our factory in Cape Town South Africa to the highest quality and engineering standards. The products listed on the Tubal C Website are stock designs that are optimised for general retail applications. Should you have any specific requirements for yourself or your client, we would be happy to discuss that with you further to see how those needs can be accommodated. All of our standard products are available on a 20-working day lead time. Non-standard and custom works will incur additional lead times that will be discussed with you prior to commencement of manufacture.