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Glass Shelf Bracket Kit to fit 600mm Bay. Signal White

Tubal C Glass Shelf Bracket Kit to fit 600m Bay. Colour: Signal White Powdercoating


This kit contains all three parts required to install a glass shelf in a standard 600mm wide Tubal C Bay. The kit consists of 2 x Tubal C Glass Shelf Brackets and one 600mm Tubal C Backbar which clips into the two shelf brackets. The Backbar runs below the length of the shelf and provides additional support to the glass. 

IMPORTANT: This kit includes the steel components only. NO GLASS IS INCLUDED! The glass may be obtained from any glass supplier, according to the following specifications:

Length: 590mm (Total width of your Tubal C Bay, less 10mm)

Depth: 450mm Recommended. Minimum depth 300mm

Thickness: 10mm Recommended. Minimum thickness 8mm

Edges: Polished all around.

This kit is sized to fit a 1200mm wide standard Tubal C Bay. A separate kit is available for 600mm wide Bays. Please ensure that you order the correct size kit for your needs.

Application Shelving

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