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Hurley Appoints Tubal C for new stores
Hurley Appoints Tubal C for new stores

We are extremely proud to announce that Hurley have appointed Tubal C as their shopfitting partner for the rollout of their concept stores throughout South Africa. The first three stores have already been completed and the next few are in the pipeline. We strongly encourage you to visit one of the stunning new Hurley stores at the following locations: Canal Walk, V&A Waterfront, and Ballito Junction.


Last week we published our latest store tour video on our Youtube channel, showing the Hurley store at the famous V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. We would love for you to go and check it out and leave your feedback:



The Hurley store design process started as a series of renders sent from Hurley HQ in the US which called for a timber framed structure, but which included design details for the fixturing that ultimately were unworkable. Working with local design agency Codesco, we were able to design our Tubal C into a form factor that could be hidden inside the timber structure originally specified. We went further than that and developed a series of bespoke 'knuckle' joints that serve as the connecting points between the various pieces of timber that make up the frame. Between the Posts, we incorporated our standard Tubal C componentry, with a handful of tweaks to suit Hurley's design needs. Where any other firm would've spent months designing custom bracketing to work according to Hurley's brief, we were able to move significantly faster purely by employing our standard fixturing to solve a non-standard design need. Overall, the project was a great example of our Tubal C Display System being adapted in a way that suits the client's need for a solution that is uniquely theirs, whilst retaining the value and functionality of a system that has already been battle-tested and proven to work. 


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