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New Season - New Product Ideas
New Season - New Product Ideas

New Season – New Products!

With the Winter solstice behind us, it’s time to start thinking about merchandising those amazing Summer ranges that are on the way. We’re here to inspire you with our latest new product offering: Lasercut steel display panels!

Our lasercut steel panels consist of a steel panel with a lasercut design that is unique to you and which features a series of either slots or holes which form the attachment points for accessories such as wire hooks, frontal hanging rails, side hanging rails or shelf brackets. The panel can be made for wall mounting, or fitting to our Tubal C Display System, or even adapted for gondolas or other free standing unit applications.

The image below shows a perfect example of this. In this sample, the T in the KTM logo has been tweaked to form a slot attachment point for hooks/accessories. This is in addition to dozens of other slots. In this way, the KTM logo is not only a branding exercise but is also a functional attachment point on the panel. This is an extremely unique and exciting branding and design opportunity for any retailer.


We’ll translate your logo or corporate identity into a unique cut design that is both a branding opportunity and a functional piece of fixturing. Our design team will consult with you to create a design that is functional, affordable for your budget, and uniquely yours. Make a subtle statement with your shopfitting, speak to us today about how we can assist you with a set of lasercut panels for your store.

The image above shows a stunning wall-mounted panel we manufactured for a vet shop client. This panel transformed a dull, lifeless corner of the store into a funky, attractive space that draws customers in towards it with its bright colour and unusual design. The cat and dog silhouettes are the store’s logo and we incorporated the dog bone icons in to add some visual fun and flair to the panel. The client had a limited budget for this item so rather than lasercut slots, we opted for punched holes and only lasercut the silhouettes. This is a great compromise for those on a budget who still want the benefits of a unique and fun perf panel.

Contact us today to find out more about how our laser perforated panels can breathe life into your Summer merchandising plans!