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Spring News Update & Why our Chat Facility doesn't work
Spring News Update & Why our Chat Facility doesn't work

Product News


We are really excited to announce the initial launch of our new ‘Slimline’ Tubal C Post. The new Post is a  32x32mm mild steel tube with our famous Tubal C Wedges lasercut into two sides. Functionally the new Post offers all the same features as our traditional Tubal C Post but just in a slimmer, trendier package. Slimmer, minimalist shopfitting is on trend right now and we believe that the new Slimline Post will be exactly what designers and retailers are looking for in the future. The Slimline Post will of course be compatible with all existing Tubal C accessories. The marketing material for this new Post is going into production soon and all should be ready for an official launch in early 2019.


Staff changes at Tubal C


The past few months have seen some big reshuffles at Tubal C HQ. Our long-serving general manager Garth Taylor, who many of our clients would’ve met, finished up in August in order to pursue other opportunities. We wish him everything of the best. Our Production Manager Greg Damonse has in the meantime assumed a general manager role and we’ve brought in operations hotshot Panji Khimbi to assist him. Together, they are keeping the work flowing and ensuring that the good service that our clients have come to expect, continues on. Meanwhile, our previous sales manager Richard has shifted into a new managerial position in our sister company (but he’ll still be overseeing a few key accounts at Tubal C) whilst financial manager Lisa has stepped in to assist with running the remaining key accounts.


Another incoming staff change is that we are in the final stage of appointing a dedicated sales representative. This person will be knocking on doors throughout the Western Cape and Gauteng to ensure that every design agency knows about us and what we offer. Perhaps you’ll get a call from that person sooner than later!


Chatbox Update


Finally, a quick apology regarding our chatbox being offline. That facility was implemented by the web designers who built the Tubal C website. Unfortunately the relationship between ourselves and them broke down irretrievably largely due to the various technical issues that continue to plague the website, and regretfully the chat box formed part of the cancellation of that service agreement. We are working to restore that feature and hope to have it back online soon.

[Image credit: Heidi Sandstrom // Unsplash]