Our Story

Tubal C was founded in 2008 by the owners of Uriah Designs Shopfitting. They recognised that there was a need in the market for an off-the-wall mounted system that was compatible with drywalling and screening.

The system has gone through many iterations over the years. The first version was a round pole. That was replaced by a bent up rectangular Post with keyhole slots, shown in this photo.

In 2008 we opened Shopfitting Depot in this tiny showroom in Maitland. We offered a comprehensive range of shopfitting fixturing and display solutions, but we mainly focussed on the Tubal C system. This was the first retail store in Cape Town to offer the range of products that we had. Plus, we offered an on-site store design service which nobody else offered.

We sold Shopfitting Depot in 2013 and it continues to operate to this day, from its big new premises in Northgate Estate, Cape Town.

In 2011, we introduced a completely redesigned version of the Tubal C system. The new product incorporated plastic fittings wherever one component connected to another.

This ensured a consistently snug fit and gave the system a design and engineering edge that remains unmatched to this day.

Since then, we’ve continued to evolve our product range and expand our manufacturing capabilities. Our factory, now located in Parow, boasts a range of high-tech manufacturing facilities.

Our client base continues to grow and we are proud to serve a fantastic spectrum of clients from a range of industries and sectors.