Tubal C Post 2.4m

The Tubal C standard 55mm Posts are our original and best-selling Tubal C Post.

These form the backbone of any Tubal C system installation. Choose from a height of 2450mm or 2.7m.

Each Post bolts into the floor via a supplied Tubal C Footpiece, and it is secured to the wall by a 250mm long Tubal C Fixing Strut.

The floor carries all the weight and the wall is only there to provide stability for the Post. This means that your Posts can even be safely installed against chipboard screening or drywall.

Tubal C Post 2.4m


The Tubal C Post is the foundation of your Tubal C display system. It’s the skeleton on which you attach all Tubal C accessories.

This kit includes:
1 x Tubal C Post 2.450mm high.
1 x Tubal C Fixing Strut to attach the Post to the wall.
1 x Tubal C Footpiece to attach the Post to the floor.

Every Tubal C Post is slightly height adjustable on the footpiece, to accommodate any uneven floors. All components in this kit are manufactured from mild steel and powdercoated. Additionally, there is no welding. All parts are laser-cut and bent up, which allows for a high-end look and a consistent finish.